Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is amazing, it can really help stress,

back problems, women’s health (menstrual, pregnancy, menopause) and digestion, allergies and much more. Facial reflexology can help children with autism or people who have had a stroke Check it out »

reflexology works with micro-systems

I specialise in facial and foot reflexology

(I also do ears and hands)
Facial reflexology is new to Australia but it is brilliant.

I do home visits in the Eastern Suburbs and also work at Lifehouse RPA, the Pilates Centre in Mosman and Healing Hands and Herbs, in Clovelly. Please go to ‘Treatments and Prices’ for further information!

What does reflexology help?
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Chronic Illness
  • Corporate Workers
  • The Elderly
  • Children
  • Foot Problems
  • Stress Management


Face massage

A relaxed body is more able to heal, combat disease and resist infection.


Treatments & Prices

A full list of options, prices and gift certificates! more


About Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a combination of ancient Oriental wisdom, traditional South American facial reflex zones and a modern understanding of neuro anatomy. more


Contact me

My working hours are 9:00-5:00 Mon-Fri. Saturdays and evenings are on request. Call me on 0407 897 939
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